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About 100 BCCG events annually with interesting topics, speakers and companies are held in our regions. They are ideal for your business networking purposes. Members and interested guests are welcome to any of our events in all regions, subject to availability of seats/tickets and invitations. Listed below are all events by year and monthly dates.

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For impressions of recent events, please click: Photo Gallery, of our honorary photographer Jürgen Sendel, PICTUREBLIND. For British Swiss events, open to BCCG members and guests, please click: BSCC Events.

Date Time Title City Organised by
08 Mar 2017
13:30 h 2. Stuttgart Symposium Stuttgart BCCG Baden-Württemberg
BCCG Berlin Head Office
09 Mar 2017
18:30 h
21:00 h
4th Annual Whisky Tasting München BCCG Bavaria
14 Mar 2017
17 Mar 2017
  MIPIM Cannes BCCG Berlin Head Office
23 Mar 2017
17:00 h Nach dem Brexit Schock - Sachstand und Ausblick für die deutsche und europäische Wirtschaft Bremen Handelskammer Bremen - unter Mitwirkung der Britischen Botschaft, BCCG Berlin und Bremen/Niedersachsen
28 Mar 2017
  YBCCG: Digitalisierung im Mittelstand - YBCCG @ #openspace Berlin Young BCCG Region Berlin/Brandenburg
BCCG Berlin/Brandenburg
30 Mar 2017
16:00 h
20:00 h
Brexit - Folgen für den Wirtschaftsverkehr mit Großbritannien Berlin BCCG Berlin in Kooperation mit DWF Germany Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft
06 Apr 2017
15:30 h 5. Kranhauskonferenz Köln Köln BCCG Berlin Head Office
BCCG North Rhine-Westphalia
26 Apr 2017
  14. Niedersächsischer Außenwirtschaftstag 2017 Hannover BCCG Berlin/Brandenburg
BCCG Bremen/Lower-Saxony
01 June 2017
13:00 h
22:00 h
Annual General Meeting & Conference München BCCG Bavaria and BCCG Head Office
20 June 2017
16:30 h
20:30 h
4. Sommer-Empfang: Berlin City West Berlin BCCG Berlin Head Office
08 Sept 2017
18:00 h
22:00 h
Sommerfest der internationalen Wirtschaftsvereinigungen in Berlin Berlin BCCG Berlin/Brandenburg
11 Sept 2017
13:00 h
19:00 h
7th Conference on Renewable Energy, Hamburg BCCG Berlin Head Office
BCCG Hamburg/Northern Germany
13 Sept 2017
19:30 h
22:00 h
BCCG Sustaining Members Dinner Berlin British Embassy and Berlin Head Office
08 Nov 2017
  12th Real Estate Conference Berlin BCCG Berlin Head Office

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"As a law firm with years of experience in cross border work between the UK and Germany, we greatly appreciate the support received and contacts gained through our membership of the BCCG."

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GRM Law, London WC1R 4BZ

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