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North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) region is regarded as the “economic powerhouse of Europe” and is the most important region for manufacturing and also investment between  Germany and the UK and vice versa. The capital of this region is Düsseldorf and set out below are a few statistics on this impressive bit of Europe with  approximately 18 million inhabitants.  



31 cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants



NRW is bordered in the west by the Netherlands and Belgium, and is encircled by the German states of Niedersachsen, Hessen, and Rheinland-Pfalz


Traffic infrastructure

6 international airports, extensive network of motorways, roads, and railway lines, Europe's largest inland port


Economic output

Gross domestic product: Euro 455 billion (approx 22% of Germany’s GDP)


Industry structure

Machine construction, metal goods industry, electrical engineering/ electronics, and chemicals are the largest industrial sectors


Company structure

Around 700,000 companies, of which 685,000 small and medium-sized enterprises, 23 of Germany's 50 largest companies



8.3 million jobs of which 70 per cent on the service sector


Foreign trade

Exports: around Euro 107 billion, imports: around Euro 117 billion


Foreign investment

Euro 85.7 billion



Four large international fair and exhibition venues


Research and education

53 universities, 21 research institutes, 69 technology centres


Culture and leisure

over 150 theatres, 600 museums



Although 23 of the top 50 largest German companies ( banks and insurance companies not included) such as E.on, Bayer, Henkel, ThyssenKrupp, Bertelsmann, Ford and Deutsche Telecom are based in this region, NRW is still a state of and friendly to small and medium sized businesses along with young and innovative start-ups.  
The NRW region has  its roots in heavy industrial, steel and coal mining which can be mainly found around the Ruhr Area; however the region has  over the years experienced a rapid development in the media and communications sectors. Many of the leading German telecommunication providers have chosen NRW as the location for their headquarters such as Vodafone, Deutsche Telecom and E-plus.  

It also is a leading fashion centre with Esprit and Wallis choosing to base their headquarters in the region. Also  some of the largest trade fairs take place in the region ( mainly in Düsseldorf and Cologne such as MEDICA and ANUGA and the world’s largest shoe fair).
Not only is NRW a first class business location, it is also a good place to live and study. There are excellent restaurants and bars as well as the architectural attractions such as Cologne Cathedral and Schloss Benrath.

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The NRW region provides an extensive events programme for its members throughout the year. These include a gala dinner in January, business breakfast meetings, training seminars, visits to local companies and an annual symposium. Photos of our events may be seen throughout the editions of BCCG News and further details of our events programme may be seen on this website (event calendar).

Our membership base is extensive and includes large conglomerates, SMEs and innovative start up companies as well as students and retired individuals.
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Regional Events & Values
15.02.2018 German-British Relations: Brexit and Beyond, Düsseldorf
23.01.2018 An evening at HSBC Germany, Düsseldorf
13.12.2017 Visit to the production site of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Düsseldorf
05.09.2017 Strengthening Trade with Britain, Düsseldorf
04.09.2017 43. Jahresturnier der BCCG Golfing Society, Krefeld-Linn
Download >> 43. Golf-Tournier der BCCG
06.04.2017 5. Kranhauskonferenz Köln, Köln
02.02.2017 Gala Dinner with The Rt Hon. Greg Hands MP, Minister of State for Trade & Investment, Düsseldorf
05.01.2017 HSBC Economic Forecast 2017 - Event is fully booked, no more registrations available -, Düsseldorf
05.09.2016 42. Jahresturnier der BCCG Golfing Society, Krefeld-Linn
Download >> Golfing Society
16.06.2016 ISR, "Education and Grill Evening", Neuss
18.05.2016 Visit at Rentokil Initial, Köln
11.04.2016 POSTPONED: 5th Kranhaus Conference Cologne
10.02.2016 EU Reform Lunch with HM Ambassador to Germany, Sir Sebastian Wood KCMG, Düsseldorf
06.01.2016 Economic Forecast at HSBC, Düsseldorf
20.10.2015 2020 and Beyond: Opportunities in the UK Rail Sector, Düsseldorf
22.09.2015 RheinCargo: Tour of harbour and port facilities in Düsseldorf and Neuss, Dusseldorf
07.09.2015 41. Jahresturnier der BCCG Golfing Society, Krefeld-Linn
Download >> 41. Golf-Tournier
15.06.2015 5th Cologne Compliance Day, Köln
15.04.2015 "Energy" Gala Dinner, Düsseldorf
13.03.2015 "Trade" Breakfast with guest speaker Tony Sims OBE, Director, UK Trade & Investment Germany, Düsseldorf-Wittlaer
08.01.2015 BCCG Region NRW's New Year's Reception, Düsseldorf
25.11.2014 Registration closed - Gala Dinner Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf
Download >> GALA DINNER, 25 November 2014 at the Hilton Hotel, Düsseldorf
20.11.2014 The British & the Germans - Mutual respect, love or dislike?, Köln
08.09.2014 40. Jahresturnier der BCCG Golfing Society, Krefeld-Linn
05.09.2014 Prospects for economic growth in Germany and Great Britain, Düsseldorf
25.08.2014 The upcoming Scottish Referendum – current discussion and possible impacts on trade, Düsseldorf
04.06.2014 4th Cologne Compliance Day, Köln
Download >> 4th Compliance Day Cologne
"Tone from the top plays ever more important role"
06.05.2014 An evening at YouGov, Köln
14.01.2014 Thoughts and Perspectives on 2014 Economic Developments, Düsseldorf
24.09.2013 An evening at E.ON Datteln 4, Datteln
20.06.2013 3rd Cologne Compliance Day - Risiko Geschäftspartner, Köln
23.05.2013 Cyber Security - Breakfast Meeting, Düsseldorf
25.04.2013 A visit to TMD Friction ("TMD"), Leverkusen

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