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07 Nov 2017 by BCCG

British Embassy Berlin - Vacancy

Caseworker (Pro-Consul, Consular Section) DEU555
Application deadline: 27 November 2017

A new job opportunity for full time A2 (L), Caseworker (Pro-Consul, Consular Section) has become available at the British Embassy in Berlin.

The successful candidate will be someone independent, well organised and proactive Caseworker to support their consular team. The job holder will be providing consular assistance and services to British nationals in the consular district of Berlin, as well as supporting the consular teams in Munich and Dusseldorf. We’re always happy to welcome new colleagues who join us to create even better consular support throughout our region.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:
The position is varied and will provide opportunities to develop working contacts for consular assistance, where necessary. You will also be able to participate in prevention campaigns and support the wider efforts in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) as well as having the chance to take part in post crisis preparedness efforts, activities and deployment in case of a crisis. Effective cross-section collaboration will help you achieve this. The consular caseworker role is very rewarding, but you will also come face-to-face, and have to provide support to distressed people – in shock, grieving and in crisis situations – you will need a good level of resilience to deal with the variety and pace of work. You will find a strong, experienced team willing and able to guide and support you in your work and development.

Part of your duties as a caseworker will also include accepting Emergency Travel Document (ETD) applications and processing them, as well as handling correspondence, enquiries in person and on the phone, organising events and travel and some administrative tasks.

Only applications sent through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Local Staff Vacancies webpage will be considered.

Please find further information and the application for this opportunity through the link below:

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View Vacancy - British Embassy Berlin

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