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The Bundesbank's most recently published revised figures again show the bilateral British-German trade to be the third largest of all German bilateral trade relationships (after the US and the Netherlands). The total bilateral trade including goods and services in 2015 was EUR 183 bn, up from EUR 171 bn in 2014.

Total Bilateral Trade Details

Of the bilateral trade, total trade in goods alone was EUR 136 bn, up 7% from 2014, with UK exports to Germany at EUR 41 bn and German exports to the UK at EUR 95 bn.
Total trade in services was EUR 47 bn, up 7% from 2014, with UK services exports to Germany at EUR 23 bn and those from Germany to the UK at EUR 24 bn.

(Source: Deutsche Bundesbank, Statistics, March 2016, see page 10, please click here or copy in your browser: https://www.bundesbank.de/Redaktion/DE/Downloads/Veroeffentlichungen/Statistische_Beihefte_3/2016/2016_03_zahlungsbilanzstatistik.pdf?__blob=publicationFile).


Over 2500 German owned companies operate in the UK, employing nearly 400.000 people. About 1200 UK companies are operating in Germany through subsidiaries or affiliates, employing 220.000 people.

The BCCG database contains detailed companies' information about its member companies and professionals.

Membership of BCCG

BCCG membership comprises currently about 900 companies and professionals in Britain and Germany, accessing a network of around 4000 personal addressees within the BCCG database. Sustaining members support the membership network with additional contributions to our services. We expect the membership number to rise further.

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Regional Groups
BCCG has ten Regional Groups, one in the UK (London) and nine in Germany: Baden-Württemberg (Stuttgart), Bavaria (Munich), Berlin/Brandenburg (Berlin), Bremen/Lower-Saxony (Bremen), Hamburg/Northern Germany (Hamburg), North Rhine-Westphalia (Düsseldorf), Rhine-Main (Frankfurt), Saxony (Dresden), Saxony-Anhalt/Thuringia (Halle), representing their regional members interests. The Regional Groups are actively supporting our membership through about 80 networking events annually and through their advise based on professional expertise as well as access to business and political leaders in the regions.


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