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Located in eastern Germany, Saxony sits at the junction of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. It has the most dense rail network in Germany and international airports located at Dresden and Leipzig.

Saxony has become a major location for technology companies, mainly located in one of the urban areas of Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz. Industries particularly well represented are semiconductors, engineering, electronics, optical equipment, environment and printing and publishing.

Dresden has become the center of semiconductor activity within Saxony. They have attracted a number of companies involved in producing the basic materials used in modern electronic products. The area was recently boosted by Siemens' decision to establish what will be the largest and most modern development and   production center of its kind in Europe and the American corporation AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is also investing heavily in the area, along with ABB, Bosch and Philips. This level of activity has encouraged investments from software companies such as Paravision Software from California.
The environmental sector has also become a significant one in the region, particularly in Leipzig which is home to the Leipzig-Halle Environmental Research Center.

There are four universities in the region in Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz. In total there are 67,000 university-level students, 37% of whom are studying engineering or science subjects. Saxony also has a number of research centers with activities focusing on production techniques, information and microsystem technology, material sciences, medical and biological research and energy technology.

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Michael BätzMichael Bätz
Ernst & Young GmbH
01099  Dresden
Detlef Fleischer
Ernst & Young GmbH
01099 Dresden
Tel.: +49 (0)351 484 02 33 15
Jörg HellmannJörg Hellmann
09117 Chemnitz
Tel.: +49 (0)371 802 250
Peter Kröger

04105 Leipzig
Tel.: +49 (0)341 22 03 85 00
Dr. Klaus Schaffner
Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
04109 Leipzig
Tel.: +49 (0)341 529 90

Regional Events & Values
01.12.2016 4TH DRESDEN SYMPOSIUM, Consequences of the UK EU Referendum results, Dresden
25.08.2016 International Summer Barbecue, Dresden
07.04.2016 POSTPONED: 4th Dresden Symposium & Gala Dinner: 70 Years after the Speech by Sir Winston Churchill on Europe, Dresden
21.11.2013 Inflation - Der Untergang des Geldes in der Weimarer Republik und die Geburt eines deutschen Traumas, Chemnitz
19.11.2013 Inflation - Der Untergang des Geldes in der Weimarer Republik und die Geburt eines deutschen Traumas, Dresden
16.05.2013 2013 AGM and Annual Conference "Mobility Concepts for the Future", Dresden

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