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03 June 2021 by David Marsh, Andreas Meyer-Schwickerath and John Orchard

Germany’s Greens and finance

Germany’s Greens and finance
The 10 big questions

Baerbock will come under scrutiny - but September’s election may
be a turning point, writes David Marsh, chairman of OMFIF. Germany is heading for a change in its political constellation that could rival in importance the post-war turning points in 1969, 1982 and 1989-90. At the centre of swirling debate ahead of the 26 September general election are the Greens, led in the campaign by highflying but untried Annalena Baerbock, born in the year (1980) the party was formed.
In post-election coalition negotiations that may take months, the Greens are likely to emerge as a substantial party of government. The ‘divide and rule’ policy of Angela Merkel, chancellor for 16 years, has left Europe’s pivotal nation with an uncertain legacy. Eight post-election coalitions are possible, the most widely touted between Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union grouping and the Greens. Baerbock has come under greater scrutiny. In a bruising second half of May, a string of gaffes and revelations, including on hitherto undisclosed party renumeration and irregularities in
her academic credentials, sent Baerbock’s and the Greens’ popularity ratings tumbling. Additionally, skirmishing for power by the liberal Free Democratic party, another potential ally for the Greens along with the Social Democrats (SPD), will complicate coalition arithmetic. This may make a four-party coalition — the first in Germany’s post-war history
— the most likely outcome.

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