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BCCG #PolitikTalk Series: Im Gespräch mit Burkhard Balz, Vorstandsmitglied Deutsche Bundesbank
Falls Sie unseren SHeconomy Virtual Talk mit BCCG #PolitikTalk verpasst haben sollten, finden Sie hier seinen Vortrag als Podcast zum anhören.

SHeconomy Virtual Talk Series: In conversation with Joanne Hunger
In case you missed our SHeconomy Virtual Talk with Joanne Hunger, you can find the recording of her talk here.

War da was? Europa und der fast vergessene Austritt
"Es war wohl die schrägste Stellenannonce, die man je von einer Regierung gesehen hat: „Verrückte und Außenseiter" suche man als Berater, denn nur die könnten es schaffen den Brexit noch zu stemmen, am besten „Leute, die noch nie an einer Uni waren und ihren Weg aus einem miesen Höllenloch herausgekämpft haben.“[...]" Read our latest Brexit commentary (in German only) by Karl Hinterleitner, ZDF, here.

Pound Sterling: historic currency with modern problems
"Currency market volatility is often associated with macroeconomic events, cyclical trends, and structural developments, but over recent years political uncertainty has become a key driver of currency sentiment. The British Pound, the world’s oldest currency still in use, has been tormented by a prime example of this modern political risk: Brexit.[...]" Read our latest Brexit commentary by George Vessey from Western Union.

SHeconomy Virtual Talk Series
In case you missed our SHeconomy Virtual Talk with Marina Vahtola, you can find the recording of her talk here.

BCCG #PolitikTalk Series with Dr Peter Wittig
We are delighted to announce Dr Peter Wittig, former Germany's Ambassador to the UK, as next speaker in our virtual BCCG #PolitikTalk Series.

A fast trade agreement is essential
„Boris Johnson has certainly not been short of surprises. The UL has struck its first major post-Brexit trade pact after signing a deal with Japan that aims to boost trade between the countries by about £15bn.[...]“ Read our latest Brexit commentary by Alexander Kulitz, member of the German Bundestag, here.

BCCG Executive Board and Presidium
In an organisation like the BCCG it's very important that all organs work together in close exchange. Our BCCG Executive Board consists of the Chamber’s President, two Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer and the respective incumbent chairmen/-women of the regional groups. The Chamber’s Managing Director is co-opted member of the Executive Board.

Vorbereiten für den Wechsel
„Die Verhandlungsrunde Nr. 7 hat stattgefunden und die Realität zeichnet sich ab: das Vereinigte Königreich ist gewillt, den Brexit ohne Wenn und Aber zu vollziehen. Es ist eine Trennung, die in der neueren europäischen Geschichte einmalig ist und so noch nie stattgefunden hat.[....]“ Read our latest Brexit commentary (in German only) by Ralf Lange, Business Partner at @motionfinity, here.

BCCG #PolitikTalk Series with David McAllister
We are delighted to announce MdEP David McAllister as next speaker in our virtual BCCG #PolitikTalk Series.

KPMG & BCCG Press Release
Pressemitteilung: Europäische Unternehmen mit starkem Deutschlandbezug erwarten langfristige Auswirkungen der COVID-19 Pandemie und richten sich darauf aus - Forderungen an die deutsche Politik

BCCG #PolitikTalk Series with Michael Russell MSP
We are delighted to announce Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution, Europe and External Affairs Michael Russell (MSP) as speaker in our BCCG series #PolitikTalk. Read more and register here.

BCCG Regions
The heart of our work happens in our regions. Find out more about our regional activities both in the UK and Germany.

#PolitikTalk with HM Trade Commissioner Europe Richard Burn
Missed our #PolitikTalk with HM Trade Commissioner Europe Richard Burn? You can find the recording of his talk here.

BCCG Testimonials
Our members benefit from a strong network covering a wide range of industries. They can get involved in a variety of ways and, for example, exchange knowledge and information in our expert groups on a wide range of economically relevant topics and advise on their impact.

Britain’s future trade relationships - distance will still matter
“For the British government one attraction of leaving the European Union is to be able to pivot trade flows away from Europe towards the rest of the world. [...]" Brexit commentary by Dr Frank Eich, economicsense Ltd London.

SHeconomy Virtual Talk: WOMEN WHO HAVE DONE IT: Im Gespräch mit Marina Vahtola
Join us for our next SHeconomy online event. WOMEN WHO HAVE DONE IT: Im Gespräch mit Marina Vahtola on 12 August 2020, 1:00pm CEST.

SHeconomy Virtual Talk Series
Missed our last SHeconomy Virtual Talk? Check out the recording of our conversation with female entrepreneur Rasha Oudeh.

BCCG Testimonials
About 100 BCCG events annually with interesting topics, speakers and companies are held in our regions. They are ideal for your business networking purposes.

BCCG History 1919 -1935
Die British Chamber of Commerce in Germany wurde 1919 gegründet und feierte im letzten Jahr ihren 100. Geburtstag. Spannende Details zur BCCG Historie finden Sie hier!

Brexit: "The WTO issue is just one manifestation of the ebbing tide of globalisation"
“[…]Taking back control may have been the slogan which won the referendum, but by leaving the EU and giving up any right to oversee the rules in the world’s largest consumer market the UK is actually ceding control. […]“ Brexit commentary by Peter Dixon chief UK economist for Commerzbank UK in London.

Brexit: Is the door closing on an EU Trade Deal?
”[...] As always with Brexit, time is running out. Unless the two sides can quickly reach agreement on key issues, from fishing rights to state aid, the chances of stringing a meaningful deal seem to be slowly disappearing.[...]” Brexit commentary by Alexandra Forrest Whiting, Brexit Analyst for DW News.

Young British Chamber of Commerce in Germany (YBCCG)
Attracting young professionals can be challenging for a chamber, but we are happy to have a very engaging group of young professionals. Find out more about YBCCG.

Brexit services
Since the UK has voted to leave the EU in 2016, we have introduced new Brexit services to give our members clear and impartial information and, if required, guide them to further support and advise. Swipe to read more about our Brexit service or go to our website for even more detailed information and contacts.

Types of membership
Our members network has more than doubled since the early 2000s. Our membership fees are low and company membership fees are based on the number of employees. To find out more about all types swipe or go to our Website.

BCCG-Pressemitteilung Michael Schmidt
“Eine Verlängerung der Übergangsphase hat die britische Regierung nun bereits vor Ablauf der Frist eine Absage erteilt. Unsere Mitglieder erwarten nun auf beiden Seiten zusätzlich zur Corona-Krise die dramatischen Auswirkungen eines No-Deal-Brexit.”, so BCCG Präsident Michael Schmidt. Lesen Sie die vollständige BCCG-Pressemitteilung auf unserer Website.

Brexit: Der "Perfect Storm"
The time to find a solution for UK‘s withdrawal from the EU is becoming increasingly short. In our „Brexit Commentary“ section we publish guest contributions from Brexit experts and insiders. Read the latest article from Dr. Peter Ammon, former German Ambassdor in the UK (2014-2018).

Benefits of our membership
Are you interested in a membership with the BCCG? Read more about our benefits.


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