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How will you manage your British/German business ambitions in the current uncertainty? 

Why we jointly should take care:

Regardless of the Brexit discussion, in 2019 the business volume between the United Kingdom and Germany increased by 2,8% to a total volume of 179 bn Euro. 

About  2,500 German firms with around 450,000 employees do business in the United Kingdom. More than 1,200 British firms operate with around 220,000 employees in Germany. 

Besides the pure figures, we believe it is more important than ever before to foster international contacts and friendships between the United Kingdom, Germany and beyond.

In summary; whatever the Brexit will bring in terms of change, the British/German business relationship remains crucial. 

For the United Kingdom. For Germany. For you.

How will you manage your UK/German business ambitions in the new environment? 

How we can help:

In a world of accelerating complexity, volatility and disruption, businesses, organisations and individuals are looking for information, guidance and beneficial relation-ships to deal with their strategic and operational challenges. 

The British Chamber of Commerce in Germany is continually identifying relevant issues, as we bring together experts, public bodies and members to help them address and solve their major concerns. 

It is our genuine belief, that economic prosperity and mutual respect of cultures requires an ongoing open and direct cross-border dialogue.

The British Chamber of Commerce in Germany is helping you to meet your aspirations. We foster businesses, organisations and individuals cross-border.

CSR  Policy

The BCCG has implemented a CSR Policy in its management offices and honorary committees.

BCCG aims to reduce environmental impact through the following measures (not limited to):

- Actively promote audio and video conferencing as an alternative to face-to-face meetings
- Preference of rail travel over car or air travel
- Preference of public transport/ bike/ walking for employees to get to work

- Use of environmental guidelines for events – consideration of the impact of delegate travel, hotels, venue features and catering as part of logistics and planning
- Keeping printed materials to a minimum and essential documentation printed on recycled paper; conference badges that can be re-used
- Menus featuring locally sourced food where possible
- Waste recycled and kept to a minimum

Paper & Waste
- Double sided printing, copying as default
- Black & white preferred over coloured printing
- Shift towards distribution of electronic documents rather than paper
- Paper from recycled sources
- Use water responsibly – housekeeping and employee awareness
- Recycling of
batteries, paper, card and plastics etc.

Events - Working with the BCCG Network

The BCCG has organised a number of events, and supports member events, which promote best practice in corporate behaviour and its effects on the social and natural environments. See details under Events.

BCCG Foundation
The BCCG is pleased to support the activities of the BCCG Foundation. It was founded in 1983 by BCCG members and supports bilateral students with grants through its funds raised by the British-German business community. For details, please see Foundation.

"In Zeiten, in denen uns so viel zu trennen scheint, ist Collaboration ganz besonders wichtig. Darum freue ich mich darauf, als Mitglied der BCCG, eine Plattform für konstruktive Gespräche zu bieten und Collaboration über die vertrauten Grenzen hinaus zu etablieren."

BCCG-TestimonialBritta Posner
Founder & Director
The Collaboration Practice, Berlin

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BCCG works CO2 neutral. Operating CO2 emissions are compensated.

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