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The British Chamber of Commerce in Germany Region Northern Germany includes Hamburg, Schleswig Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Hamburg is home of Europe's third-largest port so trade is one of the main commercial segments in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. But there is more: Corporations with significant representations in the city include multinationals like Airbus, Blohm + Voss, Aurubis, Beiersdorf, Kühne & Nagel and Unilever. Media businesses employ over 70,000 people. There are ICT firms such as Adobe Systems and Google Germany. 20 of Germany's biggest advertising agencies are also located in Hamburg. More than 40,000 people employed in Aerospace make Hamburg the world's 3rd largest civil aviation center. Hamburg is also a major European science, research, and education hub, with several universities and institutions. The city enjoys a very high quality of living, being ranked 19th in the 2019 Mercer Quality of Living Survey. Hamburg is often seen as the most British city in Germany. There are a variety of English-speaking communities, such as the Caledonian Society of Hamburg, The British Club Hamburg, British and Commonwealth Luncheon Club, Anglo-German Club e.V., The Arts Society Hamburg e.V., Friends of Britain e.V., The English Speaking Union of the Commonwealth, The Scottish Country Dancers of Hamburg, The Hamburg Players e.V., English Language Theatre Group, The Hamburg Exiles Rugby Club, several cricket clubs and The Morris Minor Register of Hamburg. There is also a 400-year-old Anglican Church community worshipping at St Thomas Becket Church.

Schleswig-Holstein is the most northerly German state bordering Denmark and with access to both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The Government is committed to supporting advanced technologies – in the development of alternative energy sources, in medical technology and marine sciences. Lübeck for example is a center for Germany’s medical technology sector. Within the country’s research community, the city’s university is considered to be amongst those leading the medical field in molecular biology and biochemistry. There is also a long tradition of research in all areas of marine sciences in Schleswig-Holstein. The 'Geomareomar- Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel' offers the most diverse research and study program in Europe. In 2014, Schleswig-Holstein became the first German state to cover 100% of its electric power demand with renewable energy sources (chiefly wind, solar, and biomass).

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MV) is located in the North of Germany bordering Poland to the east. The food industry is one of MV’s most important industrial sectors. It boasts a diverse range of products, including dairy products and juice, bakery products, sausage and meat products, baby food, rapeseed oil – and of course – fish from the Baltic Sea. In addition to conventional agriculture, organic farming is becoming increasingly important. In livestock production, the breeding of cattle and pigs plays the largest role. The maritime industry is another important economic sector in MV. It is subdivided into ship and boat building, maritime suppliers as well as marine and offshore technology. The region’s Baltic Sea ports and the associated logistics sector are important growth stimulators. Thirteen ports offer modern logistical services. Shipbuilding in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern mainly involves the areas of marine technology and specialty shipbuilding. The IT sector is of growing importance to MV. In addition to already established companies, more and more start-ups have emerged in recent years developing new digital solutions.

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Dr. Rainer M. Giersch

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Dr. Rainer M. GierschDr. Rainer M. Giersch
Accordo Partners Ltd.
22761 Hamburg
Max WensingMax Wensing
Donner & Reuschel Aktiengesellschaft
20354 Hamburg
Nicholas TellerNicholas Teller
Honorary Chairman
E.R. Capital GmbH & Cie KG
20354 Hamburg
Morag McLean M.A., C.A.
22391 Hamburg

Regional Events & Values
09.04.2021 Online-Talk:
99 Tage Brexit – Ein Zwischenfazit
21.10.2020 Online Diskussion: Brexit - Ende mit Schrecken oder Schrecken ohne Ende - oder?, Hamburg
22.09.2020 Online-Talk "Brexit ohne Deal?"
07.05.2020 BCCG Mitgliederversammlung - Annual General Meeting, Hamburg
13.12.2019 UK nach der Wahl - What Now? Auswirkungen auf den Brexit?
22.10.2019 Chancen und Risiken für die Deutsch-Britischen Handelsbeziehungen nach dem Brexit, Hamburg
09.09.2019 8th Annual Energy Conference Hamburg, Hamburg
Download >> 8th Annual BCCG Hamburg Energy Conference
21.05.2019 abgesagt: German British Business Outlook 2019 in Zeiten des Brexit, Hamburg
27.02.2019 Brexit - Taking back control?, Hamburg
21.02.2019 Lunch Einladung: Der Brexit und seine Auswirkung auf Hamburg, Hamburg
05.12.2018 Scotland's Future Relations with Europe, Hamburg
Download >> Scotland's Future Relations with Europe
24.09.2018 8th Annual British Chamber Renewable Energy Conference, Hamburg, Hamburg
29.06.2018 Veranstaltung verschoben! EU EXIT UPDATE, Hamburg
22.03.2018 Start-ups and high-growth companies: a reality check, Hamburg
Download >> AGIG and BCCG joint Seminar on valuing High-Growth Companies
18.12.2017 Wie hart wird der Brexit, Hamburg
02.11.2017 Meet your EU Neighbour Brexit Debate, Hull
11.09.2017 7th Conference on Renewable Energy, Hamburg, Hamburg
05.09.2017 UK Aircraft Interiors Group (AIG) AGM
10.05.2017 Lunch wih Honorary British Consul Nicholas R. Teller, Hamburg
31.10.2016 Mittagsveranstaltung mit Sir Sebastian Wood KCMG, Hamburg
27.10.2016 VERSCHOBEN_7th Annual BCCG Renewable Energy Conference Hamburg, Hamburg
19.07.2016 Breakfast Meeting: Brexit - What now?, Hamburg
01.06.2016 The Boardroom: Einladung zum Get Together, Hamburg
02.03.2016 The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, Hamburg
Download >> Clipper Round the World Race
14.09.2015 6th British Chamber Annual Conference on Renewable Energy, Hamburg, Hamburg
Download >> 6th Renewable Energy Conference, Hamburg
"SMART SOLUTION - The Future of Renewable Energy in Europe"
30.10.2014 5th British Chamber Conference on Renewable Energy, Hamburg, Hamburg
Download >> 5th Renewable Energy Conference: A2SEA - Safely, on time and on budget
Jens Frederik Hansen, A2SEA
Download >> 5th Renewable Energy Conference: DONG Energy Wind Power
Joachim Steenstrup, DONG energy
Download >> 5th Renewable Energy Conference: E.ON - Offshore Wind in Europe
Sven Utermöhlen, E.ON Climate & Renewables
Download >> 5th Renewable Energy Conference: ofgem - UK Renewable Energy – An Update
Robert Hull, ofgem
Download >> 5th Renewable Energy Conference: Renewable Energy in the European Context - a legal perspective
Dr. Alexander Dlouhy, LL.M (McGeorge), Osborne Clarke
Download >> 5th Renewable Energy Conference: Siemens - Passion for Offshore
Frank Zimmermann, Siemens
Download >> 5th Renewable Energy Conference Hamburg: Wind Power in Europe
"The challenge and future of a growing industry" A BRITISH CHAMBER WHITE PAPER; Industry Series, December 2014
Download >> 5th Renewable Energy Conference, Hamburg
"Renewable Energy in the European Context" Cross Border Event with The British Chamber of Commerce in Denmark
05.09.2014 The Anglo-German Hockey Tournament, Hamburg
19.06.2014 Will the Hamburg Port in future retain its importance in the European context?, Hamburg
15.05.2014 Hamburg Annual General Meeting 2014 and Conference, Hamburg
Download >> Annual General Meeting and Conference, Hamburg 2014
Conference Title "UK – Invisible Trade and European Destiny – A Dialogue"
28.11.2013 Behält der Hamburger Hafen im europäischen Vergleich seine Bedeutung?, Hamburg
26.11.2013 The Royal House of Stuart, Hamburg
29.10.2013 "Ride & Drive", Hamburg
13.06.2013 Visit at Airbus Works, Hamburg, Hamburg

"I have been engaged with the Chamber and been a member for over 20 years, seeing it grow to its current statue. The BCCG is a great networking platform and I am happy to say, we have generated some considerable business from that base."

BCCG-TestimonialDr. Rainer M. Giersch
Accordo Partners Ltd., Hamburg

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"Building a strong partner network in Germany has been key to Vimcar's success as a leading fleet management solutions provider. To strengthen our expansion in the UK, the BCCG is a great place to find partners, service providers, and like-minded professionals."

BCCG-TestimonialAndreas Schneider
Vimcar GmbH, Berlin

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