BCCG Services include and can be found on our website:

  • Business Brexit Advice and other Experts Advice:  see First Call & Brexit Advice
  • Brexit Advice: see Brexit
  • BCCG Publications: BCCG Yearbook, BCCG BULLETIN and weekly e-News Update - see Publications  
  • Marketing Support: through advertising in our publications and events - see Advertising  
  • Marketing on Website: The active BCCG Website with a high visitor frequency of over 15.000 monthly visitors with over 35.000 monthly page hits offering a platform for our members, see Website Ads
  • Member Network: BCCG contacts include over 4,000 people, see  Network
  • Member Press Releases: can be placed on the special page Press Releases
  • Member Events, Products or Services: support through various advertising formats - see Advertising and Events 
  • Networking Events:  networking events with member's topics in all our regions - see Events

  • Regional Committees: direct contacts in our regions in Germany and the UK - see Regions

  • Placements of articles by members and personal advertising (also on website) in our Publications   

  • Various other questions and membership: please contact BCCG,  and see Membership
  • For payments of BCCG invoices by Visa-/Mastercard please see credit card payments

BCCG British Chamber of Commerce in Germany
Carbon Neutral Organisation

BCCG works CO2 neutral. Operating CO2 emissions are compensated.

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