British Chamber of Commerce in Germany e.V.

The BCCG foundation was founded in 1983 by BCCG members and supports German and UK students with programs for intercultural exchange. British-German relations are historically close and friendly. Both countries have strong trade and investment relationships, and they are strategic partners.

What we stand for

The bilateral relations between the United Kingdom and Germany are based on numerous public, private and civil society contacts and activities. At the BCCG Foundation, we want to build bridges for deeper future relationships. We want to strengthen the ties between young Brits and Germans by supporting those who bring ambition and initiative and are willing to own their role in British-German freundship.

How we support

With the exit from the European Union on January 31, 2020, the United Kingdom has been a third country in relation to the EU. Since the end of the Brexit transition phase on December 31, 2020, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the internal market and the customs union. The economic relations with the EU are regulated by a “Trade and Cooperation Agreement”.

The impact for students is enormous. The visa conditions have changed, studying abroad has become more expensive and the Erasmus program is not applicable anymore. We will collaborate with AIESEC and support the exchange of interns between the two countries by identifying internships with our partner companies and taking over the program fees for participating interns/students. Local BCCG/Young BCCG chapters will collaborate with local AIESEC chapters to look after the internship experience of program participants and allow them to have a deep experience of their host country. The focus is on students/recent graduates with degrees in business, economics, IT, engineering, and law.



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