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The United Kingdom is the most favoured inward investment location in Europe, attracting around 40 per cent of Japanese, US and Asian investment into the EU. German investment into the UK remains at a high level with over 2,000 subsidiaries of German companies operating in the UK employing about 300,000 people. The reasons for its popularity are many as it has a great deal to offer overseas companies. A large and attractive market, a highly skilled, flexible, English-speaking workforce, and an environment which allows business to prosper.

Companies based in the UK are well-placed to do business in the global marketplace. Britain's integrated transport network provides fast, low-cost delivery. The UK's comprehensive and toll-free motorway and road network links all industrial centres to air and seaports, and every location in the UK is within 100 miles of a container port. The Channel Tunnel links the UK by road and rail to the rest of Europe, and both Paris and Brussels are just three hours' journey from London by rail.

Labour market regulations in the UK, including working hours, are the most flexible in Europe, and staffing costs are highly competitive. The UK has a strong science and technology base, with world class design, research and development disciplines. Many UK universities and scientific institutes are taking part in collaborative research projects with businesses.

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York-Alexander von MassenbachYork-Alexander von Massenbach
Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
 London EC4V 6LB
Tel.: +44 (0)20 70 02 53 48
Christian KiockChristian Kiock
 Spalding PE12 6PY
Tel.: +44 (0)203 514 48 60
Anna-Maria Kassebart
Chairman YBCCG
Caroline Urban
Co-Chairman YBCCG

Regional Events & Values
31.10.2019 BCCG's Oktoberfest in London, London
21.10.2019 Glasgow: Designing The Future – Sustainable house building in the UK and Germany, Glasgow
28.03.2019 1st Scottish-German Business Exchange Conference, Edinburgh
Download >> Two conferences in Edinburgh and London highlight the importance of the future of German-British trade
07.02.2019 Young BCCG UK: Smart City London, London
Download >> Smart City London
15.11.2018 Der BREXIT naht – was ist jetzt zu tun?, Frankfurt am Main
03.05.2018 Annual General Meeting & Conference, London, London
Download >> BCCG Annual General Meeting 2018 and Annual Conference
15.03.2018 Building a post-Brexit industrial strategy - Where are the lessons? Can the German industrial experience contribute?, Birmingham B3 2FG
Download >> Building a Post-Brexit Industrial Strategy - Where are the Lessons?
02.11.2017 Meet your EU Neighbour Brexit Debate, Hull
13.07.2017 Brexit, Climate Change & the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, London EC1Y 4AG
Download >> Brexit, Climate Change & the EU Emissions Trading Scheme
28.11.2016 Doing business with Germany after the Brexit decision, Bristol, BS1 9HS
15.11.2016 Digitising Manufacturing 2016, Coventry CV7 9JU
02.11.2016 Breakfast Seminar: Global Employee Mobility and Taxation, London WC2B 5AH
26.10.2016 Brexit and Skills Gaps: Learning from the German Model, SW1A 0AA London
13.10.2016 The Future of London's Financial Industry, London SW1P 3NZ
Photos by Remi Benson, UK, www.rbensonphotography.com
Download >> The Future of London's Financial Industry
21.09.2016 The European Health Innovation Collaborative - 1st Annual Conference, London
Download >> European Health Innovation Collaborative (EUHIC) Conference London
18.04.2016 Launch Event Bristol, Bristol BS1 9HS
03.03.2016 Britain's Future in Europe - Anglo-German Perspectives, London EC2N 2JJ
04.02.2016 London SME-Conference, London WCA 1 PL
Download >> London Conference
22.05.2014 Business Opportunities between Europe and Brazil, London, EC2P 2XY
14.03.2014 Doing Business in Germany and Poland: Opportunities for exporters and investors, Derby DE1 3LD
09.12.2013 Germany after the election, London EC2V 7PG
18.11.2013 Edinburgh: Opportunities in the Renewable Energy Sector in Germany and Scotland, Edinburgh EH3 8HA
24.09.2013 Doing Business in Germany: Opportunities for exporters and investors, Liverpool L3 9HG
13.09.2013 Recent developments in German and British litigation proceedings, London
06.06.2013 The European Single Market and the Future of British Manufacturing, EC4M 7DD London
10.04.2013 Official 40th anniversary Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony, hosted at the spectacular Guildhall, London
10.04.2013 “Focus on Europe” Conference, London
08.04.2013 The Future of the European Union, London

"Das britische Technologie- und Erfinderunternehmen Dyson wurde 1993 gegründet und durch die Einführung des beutellosen Staubsaugers bekannt. Unsere Deutschland-Zentrale in Köln nutzt das Netzwerk der BCCG, um Dyson und Dyson-Produkte wie den Dyson Airblade Tap, der das Waschen und Trocknen der Hände direkt am Waschbecken möglich macht, in Deutschland noch bekannter zu machen."

BCCG-TestimonialAlexander C. Schmidt
Geschäftsführer, Dyson GmbH
Dyson GmbH, Köln

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