London/Southern England

Welcome to London and Southern England region! And welcome to the BCCG’s London and Southern England Committee.

The BCCG’s London and Southern England Committee is here to help you explore market opportunities. Together with partners, we support British businesses in British-German trade or British businesses planning to expand to Germany. We are also supporting German businesses in London and the Southern England region. 

The Committee has particular expertise in financial and legal services but is equally at home working with government agencies, the German Embassy in London and the British Embassy in Berlin. Closely working with BCCG Headquarters in Berlin and the BCCG regional branches, we can offer valuable introductions and networking opportunities in Germany.


We want to enable even closer relationships and understanding between the UK and Germany. To support this goal, we organize in-person conferences followed by networking opportunities in the UK as well as webinars throughout the year. We are continuously expanding our social and networking events with like-minded partner organisations, such as our German Stammtisch and the annual Oktoberfest.


Regional Committee

Carsten Rumberg

Dr Frank Eich

Wolfgang Menig


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If you are interested in talking to us about business opportunities or just want to join one of our conferences or networking events, we look forward to hearing from you.