The final Border Target Operating Model sets out a new approach to security controls (applying to all imports), and sanitary and phytosanitary controls (applying to imports of live animals, animal products, plants and plants products) at the border. It sets out how controls will be simplified and digitised, and our ambition for the UK’s new Single Trade Window.

It incorporates and responds to feedback from stakeholders on the earlier draft Border Target Operating Model (pls. click) wherever possible. It has been developed with further collaboration across the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments, and engagement with officials from the devolved administration in Northern Ireland.

We will work closely with stakeholders to prepare for each of the major Border Target Operating Model milestones outlined on page 13 of the document..

If you import food products, live animals, animal products, plants or plant products from into Great Britain, you can now check the Border Target Operating Model risk-level of your commodity now, to be ready for upcoming changes to border processes.

Risk-levels of commodities from non-EU countries will be published shortly and linked to this page.

The Cabinet Office has also published The Ecosystem of Trust Evaluation Report 2023 alongside the Border Target Operating Model.

For any further queries or questions you have about the final Border Target Operating Model, please contact